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Covid-19 Resources online

Because there are a lot of resources out there we are continuously working with a number of community groups in the area to compile/consolidate a list of useful, general resources online into one place – Under a few main headings – We will update this as we go along and if you have any to add please send them on and we’ll include them.

Also the Cypsc website has various information and resources collated so people can access them here –

For our own side of things – (we are endeavouring to have stay connected with parishioners over social media with inputs at 9am 3:30pm and 7:30pm each day and with mass, rosary, angelus, Adoration and various other inputs through put the parish webcam

This is a historical time we are living through – in the future our history books will record it, our grandchildren will ask and learn about it – you may like to create a little time capsule to capture this history…

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